An evolution of advanced facility maintenance.

KFM 24/7 is your partner in facility solutions. We specialize in anything from break / fix repairs to construction projects for multi-property organizations. With self-performing technicians and dedicated subcontractors our service capabilities are vast and nationwide.

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When the pipes burst… When the power goes out… When a window needs to be replaced… When equipment life cycles require expert analysis... When it’s time to upgrade your guest experience... When disaster strikes without warning... When you need to ensure ADA compliance... When facility maintenance really matters... When there is no time for downtime... We’re there for you around the clock. Reliably Ready.

We know the importance of great facilities and how it impacts your brand experience.

That’s why we provide 24/7 support with a talented team of client advocates. When an issue arises, contact us for prompt dispatch of skilled technicians and expertly deployed assets.

What We Do

Why choose KFM247?

Have a team on call and service ready 24/7

Contact our team with a problem day or night, and enjoy the peace of mind and resolution assurances that only an industry leader can provide.

Reliable service with transparent cost

Leverage the vast quality and proven resources of an experienced maintenance team that provides value across all facility metrics.

Know what’s going on with your facility

Receive expert and honest advice from your facilities strategist and get real-time updates for high impact events.

Prevent a catastrophe before it arises

Work with us to develop a strategic plan and insights of potential major events. Providing a better proactive approach since 1997.

We keep your sites open and ready for business coast to coast.

Our vast resources and asset deployment capabilities enable us to respond to events around the clock as they happen, even simultaneously throughout your dispersed sites.

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Talk to us about how we may empower your facilities team to achieve more.

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